How it Works: A 10 Step Process

  1. The client returns completed package to Amigos.
  2. Amigos requests prevailing wage from USDOL
  3. State DOL issues job order. Amigos composes ad and directs client on placement.
  4. Amigos forwards completed application to the USDOL in Chicago.
  5. Client must interview applicants and send recruitment results to Amigos.
  6. Amigos generates USCIS forms and sends them to client for signature.
  7. USDOL reviews and certifies application.
  8. Amigos sends certification and USCIS forms to regional USCIS service center.
  9. USCIS approves petitions and faxes approval to consulate.
  10. Consulate issues visas to workers.

Once these steps are completed, workers report to the employer's site.